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ForexTrade24 – a portal covering the Forex market, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the regulatory and legal environment in which Forex and CFD brokers operate. The primary objective of ForexTrade24 is to provide fresh and objective information that may affect the functioning of investors and brokers within the Forex, CFD and cryptocurrency markets.

The priority objective set by the ForexTrade24 team is to support the development of the digital economy and popularise alternative forms of investment, such as the Forex spot market, CFDs, margin trading instruments and crypto traders (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple).


We strive to ensure that our knowledge and experience, presented at ForexTrade24, have a positive impact on the development of these markets, as well as broadens the investment awareness of investors in these markets. Every day we work hard to ensure that Forex, CFD and crypto market investors develop the ability to make unbiased and objective choices about their preferred investments, their potential, as well as the associated risks. We firmly believe that each investor should make his own decisions regarding the allocation of his assets and choose the best investment for his risk profile.

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